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About Deviant Joni M. KarvinenMale/Sweden Recent Activity
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Terms of Use:

Bullet; Green If you use any of my stock then please, remember to mention me and link back to the original stock piece (See "How to Credit Me" below for preferred methods).
Bullet; Green Notify me as to where you used the piece (See "Contact" below for options on how to notify me).
Bullet; Green If you use any of my stock as a reference/base for a drawing or similar then I would like that you at the very least notify me about where you used it as a base.
Bullet; Green My stock can be used on other websites.
Bullet; Green My stock can be used to make premade backgrounds.

Bullet; Red You may NOT redistribute or sell any of my stock in their original or slightly altered form. The stock will be found here on either this stock account or my main account. If it is found anywhere else then please inform me about it so proper actions can be taken.
Bullet; Red You may NOT make minor changes to my stock and claim it as your own.
Bullet; Red You may NOT use my stock in a project, deviation or similar that is a hate work against any human being, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or cultural differences.
Bullet; Red You may NOT use my stock in a project, deviation or similar that depicts or suggests cruelty towards animals or children.
Bullet; Red You may NOT use my stock in any sexually explicit artwork.

Bullet; Blue You are allowed to sell prints containing my stock here on DeviantArt. Remember that if you are using other stock besides mine to always check with the original stock provider whether you are allowed to use their stock in a print or not. Just because I have given you an okay does not mean everyone has.
Bullet; Blue You can use artwork containing my stock for commercial purposes (e.g. book covers, album covers, t-shirts etc.) as long as you credit and check with me BEFORE you start selling/distributing anything containing my stock. I would also prefer if you have spent some time on the artwork. Simply changing colors, contrast, adding a little bit of text and such on my stock will be seen as minor changes and you will then have no right to use my stock. Be creative!
Bullet; Blue If you use my stock as references in the real world; e.g presentations, shows, exhibitions, classes etc. that are not on the internet then there is no need to notify me about it. Let us say that you want to use a picture of mine in a PowerPoint-presentation, then go ahead and do so. Always appreciated if credit is given, however.
Bullet; Blue If you wish to use any of my stock in their original or a slightly altered form, then contact me and we will see if we can work something out.

To Try and Make It Simpler:

Bullet; Orange If what you are using my stock for is non-profit(i.e used in such a way where you do not earn money from it. The only exception to this is the distribution of prints here on DeviantArt), then you do not have to ask for permission to use it. Just make sure you credit and notify me.
Bullet; Orange If what you are using my stock in is meant to be used for commercial purposes(used in a product, service or similar where your intention is to earn money), then you will have to contact me BEFORE you start distributing anything.

How to Credit Me:

Using links are always preferred whether you decide to mention me by my real name or not (see FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?). These methods are what I would like you to use:

Bullet; Yellow Create a link back to this account and the original stock piece (Preferred method in almost any scenario).
Bullet; Yellow Mention me by my name: Joni M. Karvinen (Only to be used if you are UNABLE to make a link back to this account and the original stock piece).

If you REALLY do not wish to credit me when you are using my stock, then you will have to contact me and we will have to try and work out some kind of deal.


If you have any questions regarding my stock or these terms, then you can contact me by either:

Bullet; Purple Sending me a dA note (Preferred method in general).
Bullet; Purple Leaving a comment (A good method when you want to show me where you used a certain stock. Leave a comment on the page of the original stock piece).
Bullet; Purple Email me at: (Note that it is rarely checked).

(I apologize beforehand if I may be slow to reply).


I do not wish to restrict how people can express themselves creatively, I actually encourage people to be creative. I made these rules simply because I believe people should receive credit where credit is due and also to ensure that my stock is not used in a way that I do not approve of.
Have fun, follow my terms of use and I will be looking forward to see how you use my stock. :)

I reserve the right to change these rules should I deem it necessary.

Bullet; Black December 31st, 2016: Slight alteration to the rules has been made regarding the usage of my stock for commercial purposes. It is now required that I be contacted prior to the distribution of any product, service or similar containing my stock. The exception being prints sold here on DeviantArt, where I only have to be credited and notified about where the stock has been used.


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Joni M. Karvinen
This is the stock account of:


I will occassionally be posting resources that I wish to share here. All stock photos, textures and similiar on this account are owned by me. Please read my "Terms of use" if you are planning on using any of my resources.

Note that I may not always respond to your comments, favourites and such, but know that I always appreciate it!


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